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Mariposa Monarca

Un Milagro de la Naturaleza
18 Apr

Marvel at the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Preserve


The monarch butterfly biosphere preserve was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. It is one of the most valued sites in the world and is considered a heritage of humankind.

Go to Angangueo and admire the unique multigenerational migration of the Monarch butterfly, which arrives in Mexican lands to reproduce and move away from the extreme cold.

Get an early start and visit the Culture Center for the Conservation of the Chincua Sierra. November through March is the best time to visit. Embark on a hike of just over an hour to arrive at this sanctuary surrounded by pines and oyameles.

Ask a local guide to take you through the most remote places of which to admire the beauty of this species. Watch as millions of butterflies travel 2,800 miles from the northwestern United States and southern Canada to Mexican lands for the winter. Stop at one of the lookout points and watch with excitement for the vibration of the Lepidoptera.

Admire their scaly wings and learn about their nine-month lifespan and their role in balancing their ecosystem in the forests where they live.

Be captivated by their courtship rituals as you witness their reproduction rites by fast and fleeting movements. Marvel at the sky around you, filled with colorful insects moving in a hurry in a multicolored spectacle of a dance that you will never forget.

When it’s all over, return on horseback or by bicycle as you tour the forest paths. Then choose a place to eat, and buy a colorful artisanal craft handmade by Angangueo people.